Facades of minimalist houses – paintings for fronts

These are facades of minimalist houses or minimizers that will give us a better idea of ​​the fronts  paintings that come and how they are once implemented. 

This type of fronts leave aside the ostentation and use the walls to only have a good view. It has only been decided to apply different colors.

paintings for fronts

In other cases we leave white walls and we can see the clear contrast. This gives us the best idea of ​​the type of facades that can carry a strong color and in which the pastels are better. 


Facades, paintings and fronts


To go further, a dark color was applied to certain areas and left blank.


We also have other colors like red and yellow with a clear combination of dark gray ceramics.


In addition to this, you have to value the work in gardening and landscaping  done in the most external areas of the house. 

Beautiful facades of houses

If we refer to beautiful facades of houses , we are talking about those types of fronts that really stand out above others. The pretty facades that we are going to see below are of this kind.

The fronts in question have been compiled from different houses that have everything we could possibly want in them. However there will always be elements that we may wish to remove or add according to our own taste as well as the determinant factor of the cost.

Beautiful facades

counterframe Beautiful from home

We then proceed with these façades which are very beautiful indeed and are the result of much effort and dedication on the part of designers, builders and (of course) owners.

We say goodbye to a new delivery of beautiful facades of houses as we have done this time.

Country houses with charm

That can be more beautiful than spending a picnic together with family or friends. Reminding those unique moments is that we want to share these charming cottages .

You will find below a nice collection of pictures of simple country houses and with different styles, among which you may find the one that best suits your particular tastes.

Façades of country houses

The vast majority of photos of beautiful country houses that we share below have roofed galleries ideal for enjoying the outdoors and the sun during the picnics. These covered galleries allow us to protect ourselves on hotter days and also when the cold becomes more intense, since we can cover the arches of the galleries with fabric curtains or even transparent plastic to continue appreciating the beautiful landscape that will surround these Properties.

 Charming Country Houses

 Cottages with stone

Houses Of modern field

Country Houses with Galleries

 Wooden Cottages

Country houses with colonial tiles
As you may have noticed different country house models , some of them use wood, other natural stones, and even traditional fine sand plasters.

A common feature in country houses are gable roofs built of zinc sheets or terracotta tiles.

We hope you have enjoyed yourself as much as we did in these beautiful and charming country houses.

Alamo Facades

Within the companies dedicated to the fronts of houses we find facades alamo is one of them and we did not want to stop naming it here. Generally, those who need to build, repair, or refurbish a façade require skilled labor such as Alamo .

Alamo Facades

Among the services offered we will find the rehabilitation of buildings, with all that this includes: facades, waterproofing, works on decks, scaffolding assemblies, among others. While here we focus on the facades, we must also say that they work on light yards performing the repair and painting of the area including skylights, substitution of downpipes (very important for old buildings with asbestos and cement), ventilation ducts and roads Outlet.

As far as insulation is concerned we offer the insulation of ventilated facades, insulation of decks, rain partitions , Aluminum terraces and carpentry that have drawbacks.

You can find more information on the official website (fachadasalamo.com) of the company. There you will be able to learn more about alamo façades by learning about the latest developments.

Facades of charming rustic houses

If we think about rustic house facades we will surely associate in our mind the presence of irregular finishes with natural stone.

Here are some examples of charming rustic facades , so you can appreciate the different styles and combinations of materials you can use to get a rustic but cozy home front.

Pictures of rustic houses

If something characterizes the photos we shared earlier is the use of stones to coat the exterior fronts of these charming properties.

Undoubtedly the charming rustic houses have a special appeal, as it seems that our construction is part of nature, the noble materials used to cover its façade help our construction Mime with the environment.

Rustic house fronts

Fronts Rustic with stone

Fronts of rustic houses with arches

Facades Rustic charm,

Casas rusticas

Photos Of rustic houses

Most likely you will remember this style of rustic holiday homes in a mountain area or areas away from the big cities.

Once again we hope you have enjoyed these beautiful houses with rustic finishes, wide galleries, gabled ceilings and noble materials.

Facade of uneven house

This is a house facade that you can not miss because it is built on slope and this makes it more than interesting. The most complicated of this type of constructions in unevenness, in this case the facade is the exposure they have to fractures or breaks if they are not well propped up.

Facade of uneven house

House façades in unevenness are fashionable in cities built in areas of gravel, mountain ranges, canyons and other regions that are not flat. It is almost an obligation to build houses with that kind of fall.

A front so it does not have to be modern, rustic or any other particular style, although this one is of stone.

We finish here this detail on this house facade in unevenness of the most interesting.

Facades of modern colonial houses

If you like the colonial style but not so much the old-fashioned look, you might find these modern colonial house facades interesting. It is an adaptation of the traditional colonial style to achieve modern and very attractive constructions.

As we mentioned earlier one of the main features of colonial-style houses is its colonial tiles, this building material used in roofs is still maintained in the modern style.

Modern Colonial Houses

Aggiornarse is very important, but it does not mean giving up those styles that we like. This is how combining materials with great tradition with more modern ones we can obtain a facade with much charm and colonial air.

We can combine the colonial style with modern openings and subtle grilles that allow us to obtain a colonial façade but with that modern touch so pleasant.

You will find in this note different models of modern houses with colonial style .


Modernized colonial houses

Houses with colonial air

We hope once again you have enjoyed these photos of modern colonial homes.

Facades of minimalist houses

On this occasion we shared beautiful minimalist house facades , a building style that began with a great boom and many thought it would go out of style, but contrary to what was supposed at first, the minimalist Remains completely in vogue.

You will be able to appreciate different styles of simple minimalist facades and many more worked, perhaps between this collection of images find the model of front of house that you want for your home.

Minimalist house photos

 Facades of modern minimalist houses

Minimalist facades



Fresh, pleasant, modern, clean and elegant are just some of the adjectives we can use to refer to this type of house fronts, its clean construction lines fall in love right from the start.

As you may have noticed these are just some of the examples of minimalist houses you can find on our website, continue browsing for more minimalist houses.

Facades of houses with Christmas decorations

We are celebrating Christmas, and for this reason we want to share our beautiful house facades with Christmas decorations , so you can think about how you want to decorate your home for the next December 25.

Christmas decorations for the fronts of houses

There are many Christmas decorations that we can make to dress the front of our house. Each of them has a particular charm and unique beauty, you just have to choose which one you like the most and put it into practice.

Facades of houses with Christmas decorations

Among the Christmas donations for house facades we can not fail to mention Christmas wreaths, Christmas pines, Santa Claus dolls, deer, snowmen, gifts, Red bows, pineapples, Christmas balls, Christmas wreaths and of course Christmas lights, many of which come with Christmas music or Christmas carols.

 Facades of houses with Christmas decorations

 Christmas pine for facades

Simple decoration for Christmas

We hope you have enjoyed these simple ideas for decorating façades of houses with Christmas decorations.

Chinese weevils as a cure for diabetes

Many fans of alternative medicine claim that they see Chinese weevil as a cure for diabetes, it is more assured that they can eradicate it.

Alternative medicine has existed since the earliest times surrounding man, because they were the first to appear in time before those created by factories or some company existed, although full of superstitions And some not as productive or effective as the other, some were left to continue today.

Chinese weevil as a cure for diabetes

One of them is the use of Chinese weevil as a cure for diabetes in any patient that may be on the face of the earth, although it takes perseverance in every sense of the word to be able Achieve positive change in their lives without taking pills every day, which only help to deteriorate the digestive system because they can get acidic.

Undoubtedly a lot of natural doctors have recommended Chinese weevils as a measure to cure this disease that affects people’s sugar and that is a risk because they are billions in Total counts that have died for this. Much of the population is caused by the ingestion of high amounts of sugar in the body every day (soft drinks, high chemical foods in artificial sugars and others), causing the final malfunction of our important organ, which is The pancreas, responsible for keeping our blood sugar levels in the normal range.

For those who want to use these insects as a means to cure this type of disease are on the right track. If you search on Google (internet search, the most famous) or Within the same portal you can find experiences of people who have been able to overcome diabetes thanks to the use of Chinese weevils for treatment.

We will offer you several points as to why this revolutionary insect from China has great power over our organism and can have healing effects, which will seem extraordinary to you, but that’s nature, right?

Points of Why Chinese Weevils Cure Diabetes

  • It has healing properties to rejuvenate parts of the body, so it’s a great plus for you to feel young again as if you had not had the disease.
  • The chemical composition of the insect has proven that it has regulatory characteristics of sugar to treat diabetes , so its use in alternative medicine is so important.
  • Not only diabetes can be treated with Chinese weevils, but cancer can be treated just like any other disease.

Get all the nutrients with your magic formula at Follow all your procedure how to use it, we have prepared a tutorial for you previously.

There are large amounts of points that we can get Chinese weevil as a cure for diabetes, as it has many applications in the field of alternative medicine. So you have to find out yourself at the time of That you have taken it and you feel rejuvenated, as if it had not happened to you before and this would have made a total change in you.