2 levels house facade

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We will find that this 2-level house facade has a distinctly modernist style. With a covered area of ​​160 square meters it is ideal for a family of standard size.

We find in its front a great variety of elements that compose it. All of them are part of a whole that we see as a result of the facade of the house .

 View facades of houses of 2 levels

The garage is displaced backwards noticeably. Approximately 4 m difference exists between the front construction line and that of the garage. This not counting the virtual ceiling or shed that we will see in the front realized in wood.

House facade of 2 levels

If we consider the housing in its entirety and the municipal construction line we can notice how well this is well behind. The purpose of this bleed is mainly to allow the placement of different decorative elements in the front beginning with the garden, lights the virtual ceiling that we named before.

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