Alternative Medicine for Cancer – Curing Cancer with Coleoterapia

Are weevils a good alternative medicine for cancer? Next we will try to answer this popular question.

Despite how much traditional medicine has advanced over the last two decades, cancer remains one of the most common diseases and it continues to have one of the highest mortality rates in our society.

That’s why more and more people are turning to alternative medicines that allow them to fight harder against any of the varieties of cancer they currently have.

The weevil as an alternative medicine for cancer

We have already talked about this method several times, but the short version is that many people consume weevils for the purpose of treating diseases such as diabetes, asthma, overweight and of course cancer.

According to scientists who support this method, the weevil has certain enzymes that help our body to eliminate the cells infected by the cancer and to produce new cells. However, this requires that a large number of live weevils be consumed (yes, they need to be alive) and therefore those interested in this treatment should build their own weevil colony.

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But does this method really work? The truth is that nobody knows for sure. Currently there are many laboratories studying these small insects for the purpose of checking their medicinal benefits, but in the meantime the decision to believe them or not to those who have used this method before.

Just remember that this is an alternative method For cancer and therefore you should not use it to completely replace traditional treatments like chemotherapy.

If you are interested in treatment with weevils, our advice is to combine it with the traditional method you are receiving right now. This way you can determine if weevils can help you with your disease, but without the need to take unnecessarily large risks.

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