Alternative to Chinese weevils – alternative to coleoterapia

Well, not all the people we know through this website, they dare with coleotarpia and look for an alternative to Chinese weevils, because even if they blindly believe in their healing powers, they simply do not dare to eat live weevils to heal themselves Or simply to be healthy.

It all depends on the mentality, just as for 99% of the people who are going to read this article it would be so disgusting to eat a dog that even if we blindly believed that would cure us we would be unable to eat the poor puppy, because like everything else Is given by the culture we have in our head and everything we have been taught since childhood, and we were taught that dogs are a faithful pet and can be man’s best friend, it is not food.

Well the same with the weevils most of us were taught that it is an insect not food and therefore there is a wall that we have to throw in order to change our conception of weevils and there are people that this wall becomes too hard And they will never be able to knock it down as hard as they try.

So for those people who do not dare to coleotherapy we have created this article with possible solutions that can also help them.

First alternative to Chinese weevils: Natural juices

Most deadly diseases and deaths are directly related to poor diet, without going any further than Colon, for example, without going any further.

A bad diet high in fats or in salt can bring us many diseases and unfortunately few carry a healthy diet.

For those people looking for an alternative to Chinese beetles that seek to solve digestive problems or avoid them, they have the solution of natural juices, because what can be healthier than fruit? And that richer than a natural juice?

Of course it can be a bit tiring to always drink the two or three juices we know how to prepare so that the next banner can access 84 different recipes and easy to prepare at home if you are interested.

Many US actresses are recognized addicted to natural juice diets.

Second Alternative to Chinese Weevils: Home Remedies

On the internet they give solutions to everything, without much research I will leave here links to minor illnesses, and I found fantastic guides that promise to cure these minor ailments.

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