Chinese Weevil to Lose Weight – Chinese Beetles

Many people lately use and recommend Chinese weevil for weight loss, let’s see how they use it and how.

Alternative medicine is one of the best methods that mankind has had to take advantage of everything that nature gives us in terms of medicinal care, and not only that, but also the strange use of unusual methods to heal the people. In this case we will provide you with a tutorial to use weevil to lose weight without having to have so much money or a great effort walking thousands of miles and not seeing any results, clearly walking is a factor that will intensify The treatment, so it is recommended to combine it.

But let’s first talk about a little history about these insects that will help us have that precious waist size. The Chinese weevils or millennial weevils are insects brought from the most remote of ancient China Several centuries ago, for the purpose of expanding the benefits they brought to mankind. The old doctors or shamans realized that they had properties that make them react with the human body could be obtained several utilities that not anyone could have observed, in fact are more than 100 functionalities that we can do with these insects, this time we will only talk about The power to lose weight.

Chinese weevil for weight loss

As we have said before, the Chinese weevils can be used for this use of fat loss , we should monitor the time of when we would ingest the insects so that the control is absolute and if Has to happen to happen something we have a record of the things that we have ingested in our organism.

How would the Chinese beetle diet work to lose weight?

It’s very easy, you’d have to do it exactly for 60 continuous days , without wasting a day. This is done so that weevils can perform the effect they are looking for, and prevent fat gain in the body.

The first thing you should do is to get a Chinese weevil farm, I would recommend visiting the naturist store of preference in your country, since they are the first importers, and then you could go to a market and get it equally, the essential thing is Get them in quantity and alive so that you can receive the benefit completely.

Well the diet is as follows:

  • On the first day you will ingest, just one of these insects.
  • After the first day, you will have to eat two.
  • After the second day, you go for three Chinese weevil.

This will be so on, as the days go by you have to increase the amount of weevils you eat. But by the time of the 30th. You should already have at least 30 weevils a day, you will have to gradually lower the dose.

That is, you will have to do this:

  • Day 30 – 30 Chinese weevil
  • Day 31 – 29 of these schizophrenic insects in proteins

And so you have to continue yourself until the 60th and have reduced them all to the amount of 1, so you may have already lost a great amount of weight as a Lots of people.

Chinese weevil for slimming

I was asked about the comments on Chinese weevil slimming, so I decided to expand the information on these Chinese slimming weevil.

Chinese weevil for weight loss

Chinese weevils are those little insects that appear in the long-time pasta balls that are open in the pantry. And when we think about them, we only see them as an annoying plague, but the truth is that they are used as part of cancer treatments and to lose weight!

This method, called Coleoterapia, was discovered by Mr. Dieminger Ruben, and although not yet There is scientific evidence to validate its results, people who have tried this method ensure that it is effective.

There are several methods to consume Chinese weevil for weight loss, which include: daily increase, consumption of a fixed number and in intervals.

Daily increase

This method consists of eating a weevil more than the previous day, until reaching 75, and after that, descending, one less with respect to the previous day. People who suffer from gastritis should refrain from using this form.

Consumption of a fixed number

You should ingest a fixed number of weevils every day. Amounts recommended are around 8-15 weevils per day. To start with the consumption, it must be like the daily increase, that is, add one more each day, until the desired number is reached, and continue to consume the same amount of Chinese weevils to lose weight.

At intervals

It is recommended for people who suffer from stomach problems . It consists of ingesting 4 to 10 weevils, then a day of “rest” where they are not consumed, on the third day they are swallowed again, and so on.

To consume them it is recommended that they be alive, because their properties are more intense; You can place them in honey, or put them inside an empty pill capsule. Although, if you prefer to eat them dead, you can crush them and include them in your one of your daily meals.

Using Chinese weevil for weight loss is a simple and natural way to lose weight, as well as being useful for those with cancer, as an extra method to treat.

Coleotherapy What is it? – All about Coleotherapy

On some occasions we have to resort to different types of drugs to the conventional ones given by scientists to solve a problem that we have with our body, one of the many solutions that complementary or alternative medicine can offer is the treatment with Weevil, also called Coleotherapy.

In this article we will show you the advantages it has and above all we will give you an advanced explanation for its types of uses and how to use it.

Coleotherapy is a type of cure for different diseases that harm the body, it is used for the cure of different diseases such as arthritis, diabetes (if you have diabetes

This type of therapy has to be performed using weevils, yes, those insects that can sometimes give us disgust but that have a lot of benefits for the human body that at the end of Try this treatment you will recommend to everyone for the different uses that can be given to these animals that can live up to our homes, as they can live in rotten things.

But let’s talk about the benefits that this therapy can give as we had already explained.

Benefits of Coleotherapy

  • It can cure arthritis, osteoarthritis, cancer, diabetes, parasitosis, Parkinson’s and in some cases Alzheimer’s.
  • The process is natural.
  • You’ll need your attention a few seconds a day.
  • It is an alternative medicine, so you can get it quickly in any naturist measures of how to perform the treatment and to find resources, you will not have to take risks for getting a drug, all this is natural.
  • The coleotherapy is completely free , so if you get someone who is selling this method you are cheating, you have to avoid such deals with this medicine.
    And just as these continue to grow the long list of benefits every year that people rely on this type of alternative medicine.

How to start using this type of therapy in my body?

First we will go in steps. The main task you have to do right away is that you have to get a Chinese weevil farm.

The best way to get ridgers is to go to the market where they sell vegetables and / or fruits where you can get naturist traders where you can find this product totally alive.

Another way to get it is to have a friend that has these insects in your house, you can also get to reproduce in grains (rice, beans, beans, etc.)

Once you have it, you can skip to the next step.

How to perform coleotherapy?

To do this you have to weed for a period of 20 days where you will have to eat 1 each day, you will see the positive changes they make in your body as you go.

For more information, continue reading more articles on this blog.

Cure for diabetes – Cure diabetes by eating weevils

With each passing day, more and more people use weevils as a cure for diabetes, but does this method really work?

When our body loses its natural ability to generate insulin, our muscles and tissues do not receive the glucose needed to function properly, causing that glucose to circulate in our blood causing all kinds of disasters in our health. This disease is known as diabetes and there are now a lot of traditional treatments for it.

However, many people prefer to opt for more economical and alternative means such as weevils.

Weevils as a cure for diabetes

Nowadays, weevils are used as an alternative medicine for many diseases, including but not limited to diabetes. In fact, many people use these insects even to lose weight.

The treatment is simple and only requires that you own your colony of weevils. It does not have to be very large; A simple plastic container will suffice.

After having a decent amount of weevils, you should consume about 5 dozens a day depending on the disease you want to treat and how advanced it is.

If you hate insects as much as I do, you’ll be sad to know that this is not the worst of all, since weevils should be consumed while fully alive.

The good thing is that you can mix them with honey or other simple foods so that their taste is not so unpleasant and to prevent them from moving inside your mouth (which in my opinion is much more unpleasant).

Whether this method works or not will depend on the person using it. Many say it is infallible, others say it does not work at all; But you will not know the answer until you try for yourself.

Just remember that this is an alternative treatment  And therefore you must be very careful when using it.

How to take Chinese weevils: Timeline

Today we are going to uncover how and how eat the Chinese weevil, ie how to take the Chinese weevil to make it positive.

How to take Chinese weevil is totally easy and you will even be surprised how quickly we can get on the remedy program, so you do not have to spend much of your time dedicating yourself To treatment, but you have to dedicate a few minutes a day depending on the day you go. Increasing the number of insects to digest until it reaches a point that decreases again, for this follows the tutorial and do not lose sight of any second, since we have something very special for you to be Healed.

Resultado de imagen para How to take Chinese weevils: Timeline
Well, it is necessary to get a calendar, since the schedule of taking each weevil is planned to do it between 150 days , yes in more than 5 months we can completely end the treatment, but if you want to cure That disease you will have to follow the remedy to the letter.

The important thing is to find a good store of Chinese weevils to continue with the planned for almost the whole semester without having any interruption if we want everything to get to the plane of perfection, since it requires a lot of constancy if you want positive results.

It is recommended if you want to achieve the goal is that we just concentrate on doing so and also do not plan so many trips abroad as this can interrupt the treatment, since most people can be sorry to expose themselves to Treat these insects in front of other people because they can become a bit “disgusting” or they can denigrate us with other social characters , so it is better to protect the treatment in private. Although if it works you can share it with all your friends and family.

How to Take Chinese Weevils: Timeline

Well, as mentioned above, we must follow a strict 5-month program to meet our goal, take note that we unveil how to take Chinese weevils.

Day 1: You have to eat 1 weevil to start the program
Day 2: You must increase the portion to two weevils.
Day 3: Now you will have to raise the diet again to three of these insects
Day 4: Again we will raise the number to four insects
Day 5: Following the ascending numbers, we go for 5 Chinese weevils.
Well, when we are on day 75 (When we eat 75 of these insects a day, a very hard but effective process) We will go to another route and clearly you will be pleased with the next step that we will take, since we will do it in the opposite direction. It is as follows:
Day 76: On this day we will take 74 Chinese weevils.
Day 77: We lowered the figure again to seventy-three.
Day 78: Again and following the excitement, we go for the 72.
Day 79: Without any concern, we drop the figure to 71.
Day 80: With some improvements we are going to the 70 of these insects that many do not want.

Now we will only have to keep decreasing the numbers and comply with the method of taking Chinese weevils in the easiest way possible, made for you with all the possible love that may exist to be cured of their disease.

Testimonies of the use of Chinese weevils

Today we present some Testimonies of the use of Chinese weevils of people who have been cured thanks to Chinese weevils, which provide a number of benefits to these incredible insects.

For the use of a naturist product or alternative medicine we need to be completely sure that it really works, so we have compiled a lot of testimonials so you can be sure of the operation of these medicines or natural remedies that are 100% effective against all those diseases that the scientific hand has not been able to give solution.

We will attach each story with the name of the people and their type of illness so that you can carefully detail all the processes that had to go through people while they had to face their type of illness and that really relying on the healing process of the Chinese weevils have been fully cured and for months and in some cases years have shown no signs of having the disease again because they have been fully healed by the healing properties of these incredible insects found on the Asian continent.

Testimonies of the use of Chinese beetles

Juan Valdiviezo, 30 years old – Rheumatoid Arthritis

“I’ve spent my whole life with rheumatoid arthritis, which has been a major obstacle in my life since I was conscious and clearly no one would like to have this horrible disease, which had depressed me for several years of my life. Thanks to this totally naturist remedy I have been able to relive my cycle of lamentations and I came back to life to fulfill my mission, to form my family of the most normal and to do thousands of more things that I would have always liked to do for several years ago”

Lilian Rondón, 53 – Pancreatic Cancer

“Pancreatic cancer started me a few years ago, when I was 50 years old and it was totally disastrous when I found out, thanks to God, it was totally benign and there was no great risk of progressing, for I resorted to alternative medicine, such as Chinese weevils to cure cancer. That was it and today I feel more alive than ever”

Mariana Montay, 21 – Rheumatoid Arthritis

“When I was 19, life was totally pink, I went out to parties with my friends and all the casual encounters that you can imagine in the life of a young woman full of life, but it was not long before Something would break with it. The illness came and went into a totally abnormal state when it was not me, an old woman recommended this healing procedure, I did it and today I am happier than ever!”

As you will see the Testimonials of the use of Chinese weevil are several cases that we have documented with the treatment of diseases with Chinese beetles, so also in the comments you can leave your opinions, Advice, doubts and a complaint (if it comes to you), regarding the subject to guide other people regarding the cure of various diseases.

While we are friends, we strongly recommend that you first consult your medical practitioner before starting any alternative medicine treatment, as it may adulterate the drugs you use regularly for the healing or healing of your disease.

Life cycle of Chinese weevils

Today we talk about the life cycle of Chinese beetles , something that may be of interest if you are taking the treatment or if you want to breed.

The Chinese weevil are a species of insects that has been highlighted by Great way for their ability to develop as a colony, as they can become an unimaginable scourge so we must know the Chinese weevils’ life cycle to be able to control them when a farm They or have happened to be developed in a package of corn flour, wheat or any other that we have stored in the house and which is a suitable place for them to coexist.

Chinese weevils’ life cycle

What we should know is that they come from the family Curculionidae, so one of its characteristics is that they develop in a colony way and that need at least one herbivorous source of food To be able to live, their reproduction can be easily performed as they settle on eggs that last a long time to open, these can be embedded in the grains of rice, flour, corn, wheat, and many other crops.

The main stage of a Chinese weevil is an egg , where it will take a few weeks to develop fully, then it will become a larva which is a vital time to consume food and have a Long period to winter, this last step with the purpose to become a pupa to enter into a kind of metamorphosis and leave as the perfectly developed insect, which is known as Weevil.

As you will see your evolution process is a bit long, as it becomes a few months to be able to obtain its last most developed form. These insects we can identify them when they are young and adults, since at the beginning of their years of life they will have a clear tone, then they will turn brown as time passes and when they reach adulthood they will have a dark color tone, Which can be deduced the amount of time of life that has had one of these insects.

What do Chinese weevils feed on in their life cycle?

They are herbivores, that is, they feed on plants or produced from them , so you should not have any concern as to whether one of these will attack or feed you because you really do not Will, is not in its nature. However they can defend their colony from other species.

Your highest food intake is corn, flour, and any other grains in which you can reproduce.

The colony can be made up of hundreds of thousands of them, so they will be a plague difficult to extinguish. They have to reach the points where they reproduce and where they have the food sources.

It should be remembered that from a pair of Chinese weevils can be obtained in just one year, more than ten thousand of these insects, females can get to lay more than 300 eggs in their periods Of mating. So if you want to create a farm of these insects, you must keep them in a place where they can not flee and keep their reproduction at all.

Where weevils live – weevils live in …

If you’ve ever wondered where Chinese weevils live, you’ll be glad to know that you’re not the only one. These small, slippery insects always appear near our food or crops, and disappear in the same way; Without leaving any trace. The funny thing of all, is that the answer to this question is simpler than we thought.

In your food is where the Chinese weevils live

Resultado de imagen para Chinese weevils live

In order to know where the Chinese weevils live, you must first know where they come from. Female weevils deposit hundreds of eggs in all grains, vegetables, tubers and basically any organic food they can find (especially if they are in the form of flakes, small pieces or powder); And these eggs begin to be born in a matter of days. That’s why it gives the impression that they just appeared in your meal and now.

Chinese weevils usually remain close to their food source until they reach maturity. Then they embark on the longest adventure of their lives, in order to find more organic foods to eat and reproduce. Once this objective has been achieved, the females proceed to deposit the eggs in these foods.

If they feel threatened, Chinese weevils will disperse and continue to move until they find a new source of food and the life cycle will begin again.

Basically, Chinese weevils (like other weevils) are born, grow and if possible, they also live the rest of their lives on top of organic food.

So the next time you see Chinese beetles coming out of your box of cereal or rice, do not think they came from somewhere else, because they most likely lived there all their life.

That is why farmers consider them a pest, and it is for this very reason that you should seal and store your food correctly and safely.

Chinese weevils as a cure for Psoriasis

We go back to talking about Chinese Weevil as a cure for another disease, now they claim to serve as a cure for Psoriasis.

Psoriasis Cure

It has been proven that over the years, Chinese beetles have been able to cure psoriasis, but this disease has caused radical damage to a part of the human population and many people do not Have been able to find out how to cure it, in this blog we will present a totally natural method to be able to cure with Chinese weevil that that can cause big spots on the skin, making the skin look like fish scale.

As you have read previously in some other alternative medicine article, which essentially the weevils are offering a good health response to people, although this practice has been more than a millennium developed, this century is that they considered their Properties as truly beneficial. This is because the insect contains in its interior large proteins that are essential for the cell and because the human body is not able to produce it in a constant way, it needs these, many times we can find it in the things we eat, Not every organism can process them directly.

As we will know or people who have psoriasis will know that it is a disease caused by an undue immune response, from the T lymphocytes, so it must be attacked from within and not from outside As most people believe when so many blemishes, scaly skin and other infections appear on the skin. So this treatment will help you to help your body recover from the poor gene configuration that caused this disease.

Steps for Cure for Chinese Weevil Psoriasis

  1. Try to find somewhere in your city where you can get these insects, naturally you can get them in naturist spots, as they are the main ones that bring weevils from other countries, although regularly Have farms so they can be alive.
  2. The second one will be very easy, after you have managed to build your own farm, it is a remedy or a treatment that will take a few months to complete and you need a lot.
  3. After setting the other two priorities you can continue with what the treatment itself will be.

Well, it’s based on consuming Chinese weevils per day by gradually increasing them, one for each day and then two, three, four, five and more … This will do it in a period of three months for The treatment can be effective.

When you reach day 45, you have to gradually reduce the amount. That is to say, if you take 45 on day 45, on day 46 you have to consume only 44 Chinese weevils, this to lower the levels of protein that it adds and normalize the organism as it was previously.

 Resultado de imagen para cure for Psoriasis


  • It is not recommended for use in women who are breastfeeding or pregnant, as the impact of weevils on the baby and on their body has not yet been proven.
  • Use only live insects, not frozen, as it cuts off the chain of proteins they have.
  • Comply with the treatment, be constant.

Healing Weevil – Healing Chinese Weevil

We know that there is a therapy that is performed with Healing weevil. This is based on the ingestion of an insect, which people usually call “weevil” but the truth is that it simply is not, its name is Palembus Ulomoides Dermestoides.

These weevils, as they are known, have done a lot of scientific research. It is a method that people use to treat diseases that in certain conditions are usually serious, for example, we have asthma, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis and many more.

Healing weevils to improve your quality of life

With therapies with healing weevils , you can have a great improvement in your quality of life, and boost your immune system. This is a weevil that must be consumed with life, this is because, apparently at the time of death, is when it usually releases a liquid that many people call it crotoxin, but its real name is coleotoxin, this is because Proceeds from coleopteran origin, and for this reason offers a direct action on the organism, and is said to usually reactivate the immune system.

We are talking about a very unknown liquid for many, its name is Coleotoxin, we know that after having ingested it may take about 10 days for us to begin to notice a great reduction in pain problems.

This is something that is related to a numbing effect, which is possible to verify by means of our language, since, if we make the decision to bite a weevil, then we will notice that sensation when entering In contact with their liquids.

Preferably ingest before eating

As most people say, it is preferable to consume the healing weevils before eating, but if you do not have stomach problems. For example, people with stomach or bowel cancer would be better off eating sooner.