Beautiful and modern house facade

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In this modern and luxurious house facade we find that the use of different types of materials for its exterior cladding has been used. This is very remarkable since the combination of the same does not always look good, in this case it has been done in a more than acceptable way.

We have a facade in which stone (for the column and floor) is combined, wood to cover certain areas and plaster traditional cement for the rest.

Beautiful and modern house facade

We can not fail to mention the large number of windows in this facade, all made of aluminum frames, although not all of them can be opened. Some of them are fixed and this is already a matter of choice of each owner.

It is very striking the staircase on one of its sides, this gives us a quick access to the top floor and gives us the possibility that this area is used for another type of purpose.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the most beautiful houses we’ve seen so far.

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