Beautiful facades of houses of 2 floors

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If you are thinking of building a two-story house you may want to know about different beautiful facades of two-story houses , from which to take interesting ideas to Put into practice.

In this note we are dedicated to share with you a nice catalog of double-storey house facades with modern and simple finishes.

These facades can be considered facades of modern houses, since their style responds to the constructions realized mainly in the last years.

We invite you to visit this selection of 10 facades of modern two-story houses hoping to find here a nice example to put into practice.

 facades of single-storey houses

 Beautiful facades of 2-storey houses

 facades of modern two-storey houses

 facades of painted two-story houses

 facades of minimalist two-story houses

 facades of houses of two floors of 6 meters of front

 facades of houses with two floors in corner

facades of two story houses

 facades of rustic double-storey houses

 facades of two-story houses with swimming pool

Please do not hesitate to comment on any of these pictures of modern two-story houses that you liked, we would love to hear from you.

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