Brick facade view

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This is a brick fa├žade view , one of the most suggestive ones in the catalog. It is a completely avant-garde model and aims at the cladding of a family home .

Facades made mostly of brick look do not require the performance of other plasters or any type of coatings later.

Facade Of brick seen

At first, the facade does not show the real size of the entire building. As we move on to the counterfacade we end up understanding the real importance of using bricks seen in this build.

There is a general idea that brick facades are more expensive than the rest. This is not so in any way, let’s think that we are making masonry and siding in one step.

brick counterfacade view

Even so, in the current model, we have a large amount of glass that would significantly alter expenses. However it is worth presenting and analyzing this time.

In the front we have a very nice garden and with pool, this is in tune with the rest of the house. We see in this part a style similar to the one in front.

We ended up seeing this facade of bricks seen with all the caveats we have seen so far.

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