Castles facades

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Those who know us appreciate the variety of façades of houses that we share in our website, since here you can find many different examples of construction, looking to expand this variety today we will share castle facades And we hope they are interesting and attractive.

Castle house facades

Looking at these facades of medieval castles is impossible not to go back in history and remember great events of history or even stories we read of children in story books.

Hundreds of years before Christ humans began to build castles and fortresses for protection and defense. Therefore in most cases the great castles were on hills, to improve the possibilities of defense.

At first these fortifications were rudimentary, but with the passage of time and progress in technology and construction majestic castles were built, many of which still stand and amaze visitors who know them. / P>

Without further ado we invite you to enjoy these beautiful photos of ancient castles.

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Amazing-castle-facades < / P>



Beautiful-castle-facades < / P>

Huge-castle-facades < / P>


Majestic castles-facades < / P>

Facades-de-castillos-reales < / P>


Medieval-castle-fronts < / P>

Did you enjoy this collection of castle facades? We look forward to your comments.

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