Chalet Facade

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We present you a chalet façade that will have subtle and economical yet very effective decorative elements. Before proceeding with the same we will say that it is a single storey dwelling with gable roof and garage.

The front faces southeast and turns out to be wider than long. That is why you will need a lot of considerable dimensions.

Chalet facade image

We will find that if we look from the top down, we have a roof with black tiles. The same is only interrupted in the area of ​​the garage where we have an unevenness although the trend continues to 2 waters . We will also see the exit of the chimney which is properly finished and with a traditional plaster that makes it distinguish throughout the roof.

As we go down we will see that there is an extension of the roof outwards or the front. This will give us as a result porch in the access area that is supported by two wooden columns and serves as a guide for one of the drains.

The openings are made of wood and only the garage door is differentiated from metal.

chalet facade

We will see a large number of protrusions and entrances that give a certain irregular shape to this facade that would rather be rectangular at first.

In addition to what has been said so far we should note the use of wood in different areas, even as partial masonry facing exterior.

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