Chinese Home Weevils – Chinese Weevils

For Chinese weevils there are a variety of things you can do and now we share with you each of these ways.

For alternative medicine people have had to resort to many methods to cure diseases that even the most prepared scientists have not been able to cure. In this case we have some insects that you have already seen that we have talked about them a lot on the blog, so this time we will teach you how to grow Chinese weevils in a homemade way to make your diets with these insects that possibly Рas has happened in most cases  Will heal your disease that you have not been able to detach for a long period of time.

Creating Chinese weevils

There are many ways to raise these insects, but there is one in particular that will be essential for you to keep the entire colony of weevils under control and to avoid the fear that they may become a pest in Your house, a situation that you do not want to have and that for which you will follow all the steps that we explain to you.

To begin with, we need to find a space where they are away from everyone, especially children because they are the first to make mischief and can accidentally damage the container where you will be housed.

Then we have to find the “container” where we will raise them, I would recommend you mainly a glass warehouse, because with this you can see the amount of Chinese weevils that you are housing and control the population if it arrives the moment. So get yourself a glass jar or iron a box with this material that is very easy to find.

Well, after fulfilling those two requirements you will have to go through the following steps:

  1. Fill the jar you are going to raise Chinese weevils with a kind of grain, be it rice, maize or any other that is familiar to them. These provide great nutrition for our insects.
  2. Be sure to keep adequate moisture in the bottle, sometimes you will need to provide some water so that they can have a better habitat.
  3. Introduce a couple of Chinese beetles, make sure they are young so they can fill the jar with lots of eggs and after a few weeks is plagued with them.

Now with these steps you have the initiation so that you can have your own weevil farm and start with the diet you have proposed.

How to grow Chinese weevils in a safe and healthy way?

One step that most people have suggested we explain is this, which in spite of everything always needs help in this part of “maintenance” as it can become a bit complicated. We offer the following tips:

  • If the food of the weevils comes down, fill the container again, but not completely. Only up to half or a quarter so you can see your activity
  • Keep them in a warm place and a little damp, they like it.
  • Sometimes you will have to take some out of the container and eliminate them so that a new population can be born that is still much healthier.

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