Chinese weevil for slimming

I was asked about the comments on Chinese weevil slimming, so I decided to expand the information on these Chinese slimming weevil.

Chinese weevil for weight loss

Chinese weevils are those little insects that appear in the long-time pasta balls that are open in the pantry. And when we think about them, we only see them as an annoying plague, but the truth is that they are used as part of cancer treatments and to lose weight!

This method, called Coleoterapia, was discovered by Mr. Dieminger Ruben, and although not yet There is scientific evidence to validate its results, people who have tried this method ensure that it is effective.

There are several methods to consume Chinese weevil for weight loss, which include: daily increase, consumption of a fixed number and in intervals.

Daily increase

This method consists of eating a weevil more than the previous day, until reaching 75, and after that, descending, one less with respect to the previous day. People who suffer from gastritis should refrain from using this form.

Consumption of a fixed number

You should ingest a fixed number of weevils every day. Amounts recommended are around 8-15 weevils per day. To start with the consumption, it must be like the daily increase, that is, add one more each day, until the desired number is reached, and continue to consume the same amount of Chinese weevils to lose weight.

At intervals

It is recommended for people who suffer from stomach problems . It consists of ingesting 4 to 10 weevils, then a day of “rest” where they are not consumed, on the third day they are swallowed again, and so on.

To consume them it is recommended that they be alive, because their properties are more intense; You can place them in honey, or put them inside an empty pill capsule. Although, if you prefer to eat them dead, you can crush them and include them in your one of your daily meals.

Using Chinese weevil for weight loss is a simple and natural way to lose weight, as well as being useful for those with cancer, as an extra method to treat.

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