Chinese Weevil: How does the treatment work? – Chinese Beetles

In several of our past articles we have talked about the medicinal power of Chinese beetles for many diseases including cancer, diabetes and even HIV. However, we have not yet emphasized the procedure that should be followed by patients interested in this treatment so popular in the world of alternative medicine.

How Does Chinese Weevil Treatment Work?

This treatment may be quite unpleasant for some, but the results may be worth depending on the case. Here are the steps to take:

You must create your own colony of weevils

For reasons that we will clarify later, it is essential that you build your own colony of Chinese weevils. This will allow you to have the necessary amount for the entire treatment and you can also save some money in the process.

In order to raise your own family of weevils, you will need a relatively large plastic or glass container, such as a fish tank.

You must fill this container with bread, fruit, grains or any other organic food; As this is the main source of life for these small insects.

Once full of food, you must cover the container trying to leave some holes for the entry and exit of oxygen. This step is essential because if the weevils are left uncovered, other insects will eat the food of weevils or even weevils.

Weevils should be eaten alive

Remember when I told you that this treatment may be unpleasant for some? For the main reason is that these insects should be ingested while they are fully alive. Otherwise, the maximum potential of this treatment can not be exploited.

For this same reason I also mentioned that they should create their own colony of Chinese weevils, as it is essential to keep them so alive and fresh, As possible.

The good news is that you can accompany your plate of weevils with honey or other foods, to make it easier for you to ingest.

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