Chinese Weevil to Lose Weight – Chinese Beetles

Many people lately use and recommend Chinese weevil for weight loss, let’s see how they use it and how.

Alternative medicine is one of the best methods that mankind has had to take advantage of everything that nature gives us in terms of medicinal care, and not only that, but also the strange use of unusual methods to heal the people. In this case we will provide you with a tutorial to use weevil to lose weight without having to have so much money or a great effort walking thousands of miles and not seeing any results, clearly walking is a factor that will intensify The treatment, so it is recommended to combine it.

But let’s first talk about a little history about these insects that will help us have that precious waist size. The Chinese weevils or millennial weevils are insects brought from the most remote of ancient China Several centuries ago, for the purpose of expanding the benefits they brought to mankind. The old doctors or shamans realized that they had properties that make them react with the human body could be obtained several utilities that not anyone could have observed, in fact are more than 100 functionalities that we can do with these insects, this time we will only talk about The power to lose weight.

Chinese weevil for weight loss

As we have said before, the Chinese weevils can be used for this use of fat loss , we should monitor the time of when we would ingest the insects so that the control is absolute and if Has to happen to happen something we have a record of the things that we have ingested in our organism.

How would the Chinese beetle diet work to lose weight?

It’s very easy, you’d have to do it exactly for 60 continuous days , without wasting a day. This is done so that weevils can perform the effect they are looking for, and prevent fat gain in the body.

The first thing you should do is to get a Chinese weevil farm, I would recommend visiting the naturist store of preference in your country, since they are the first importers, and then you could go to a market and get it equally, the essential thing is Get them in quantity and alive so that you can receive the benefit completely.

Well the diet is as follows:

  • On the first day you will ingest, just one of these insects.
  • After the first day, you will have to eat two.
  • After the second day, you go for three Chinese weevil.

This will be so on, as the days go by you have to increase the amount of weevils you eat. But by the time of the 30th. You should already have at least 30 weevils a day, you will have to gradually lower the dose.

That is, you will have to do this:

  • Day 30 – 30 Chinese weevil
  • Day 31 – 29 of these schizophrenic insects in proteins

And so you have to continue yourself until the 60th and have reduced them all to the amount of 1, so you may have already lost a great amount of weight as a Lots of people.

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