Chinese weevils as a cure for Psoriasis

We go back to talking about Chinese Weevil as a cure for another disease, now they claim to serve as a cure for Psoriasis.

Psoriasis Cure

It has been proven that over the years, Chinese beetles have been able to cure psoriasis, but this disease has caused radical damage to a part of the human population and many people do not Have been able to find out how to cure it, in this blog we will present a totally natural method to be able to cure with Chinese weevil that that can cause big spots on the skin, making the skin look like fish scale.

As you have read previously in some other alternative medicine article, which essentially the weevils are offering a good health response to people, although this practice has been more than a millennium developed, this century is that they considered their Properties as truly beneficial. This is because the insect contains in its interior large proteins that are essential for the cell and because the human body is not able to produce it in a constant way, it needs these, many times we can find it in the things we eat, Not every organism can process them directly.

As we will know or people who have psoriasis will know that it is a disease caused by an undue immune response, from the T lymphocytes, so it must be attacked from within and not from outside As most people believe when so many blemishes, scaly skin and other infections appear on the skin. So this treatment will help you to help your body recover from the poor gene configuration that caused this disease.

Steps for Cure for Chinese Weevil Psoriasis

  1. Try to find somewhere in your city where you can get these insects, naturally you can get them in naturist spots, as they are the main ones that bring weevils from other countries, although regularly Have farms so they can be alive.
  2. The second one will be very easy, after you have managed to build your own farm, it is a remedy or a treatment that will take a few months to complete and you need a lot.
  3. After setting the other two priorities you can continue with what the treatment itself will be.

Well, it’s based on consuming Chinese weevils per day by gradually increasing them, one for each day and then two, three, four, five and more … This will do it in a period of three months for The treatment can be effective.

When you reach day 45, you have to gradually reduce the amount. That is to say, if you take 45 on day 45, on day 46 you have to consume only 44 Chinese weevils, this to lower the levels of protein that it adds and normalize the organism as it was previously.

 cure for Psoriasis


  • It is not recommended for use in women who are breastfeeding or pregnant, as the impact of weevils on the baby and on their body has not yet been proven.
  • Use only live insects, not frozen, as it cuts off the chain of proteins they have.
  • Comply with the treatment, be constant.

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