Chinese weevils side effects

Resultado de imagen para gorgojos chinos contraindicaciones
Even the records we have have a few comments from:

  • Gastritis
  • Colitis
  • Skin Allergy

The proportion of cases is 6 cases in 1000 therapies. Because of the small number of cases and considering that people have been taking a battery of medications it is presumably to think that the origin of these side effects may be in the degradation of the stomach mucosa as effects of chemotherapy or a reaction of the body to Medicines ingested. In general these cases are not given, but we believe it is important to quote them so that you have a dimension that in the worst case will not go beyond the effects cited. Anyway, the decision is personal and yours.

Suggestions and care

Arthritis: For those who suffer from gastritis and consume the insects to combat it, expert consumers recommend to make the first intake up to 35 or 40. That is 1-35-1 or 1-40-1, consume them before important meals and If necessary lower the pH of the stomach with a glass of milk, half an hour before the intake.

Cancer: In cases of cancer in the area of ​​the stomach or small intestine, or colostomy, some precautions must be taken, particularly if there is an unnatural year. This is due to the loss of digestive capacity of the system that does not manage to process all the insects, and are evacuated in the feces, being able to lock the tube of the pouch (colostomy).

In this case our friends recommend not to pass the 40 insects, that is that they realize small therapies and they repeat it.

Suggestion: In any case, consult with a professional doctor to evaluate the alternatives. And if you consider it prudent, make breaks of 5 days and divide the intake into several a day.

Considering the serious health situations in which this therapy is used, it can be inferred that in cases of a side effect such as those indicated, they are very manageable by a medical professional.

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