Classic 2-story house facade

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We could not call this classic 2-story house facade any differently. It is a very particular housing with a series of roofs at different heights and with different inclinations. However, the same is done all on the same slope, only varies the side to which it falls.

 Classic 2-story house facade

Now leaving the roof with ceramic tiles we will find a series of openings made of aluminum. Iron plate or painted wood in white could also be used here. In any case the openings are a fundamental part of this house.

Facade with balcony

The most important thing that we can highlight in this house is in its balconies . They have a classic style and a rail has been made using high quality ironwork.

facade with balcony

We also have a series of staircases that raise the house about half a meter (about 60 cm in reality). They also act as decoration in addition to determining to level the side and front of the house.

As we can see is a really exquisite design and has no waste wherever you look. This type of home can be perfect in a closed neighborhood but also in any urban area of ​​any city.

We say goodbye hoping that you have enjoyed this classic 2-story house facade with four-story ceilings and front steps.

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