Coleotherapy What is it? – All about Coleotherapy

On some occasions we have to resort to different types of drugs to the conventional ones given by scientists to solve a problem that we have with our body, one of the many solutions that complementary or alternative medicine can offer is the treatment with Weevil, also called Coleotherapy.

In this article we will show you the advantages it has and above all we will give you an advanced explanation for its types of uses and how to use it.

Coleotherapy is a type of cure for different diseases that harm the body, it is used for the cure of different diseases such as arthritis, diabetes (if you have diabetes

This type of therapy has to be performed using weevils, yes, those insects that can sometimes give us disgust but that have a lot of benefits for the human body that at the end of Try this treatment you will recommend to everyone for the different uses that can be given to these animals that can live up to our homes, as they can live in rotten things.

But let’s talk about the benefits that this therapy can give as we had already explained.

Benefits of Coleotherapy

  • It can cure arthritis, osteoarthritis, cancer, diabetes, parasitosis, Parkinson’s and in some cases Alzheimer’s.
  • The process is natural.
  • You’ll need your attention a few seconds a day.
  • It is an alternative medicine, so you can get it quickly in any naturist measures of how to perform the treatment and to find resources, you will not have to take risks for getting a drug, all this is natural.
  • The coleotherapy is completely free , so if you get someone who is selling this method you are cheating, you have to avoid such deals with this medicine.
    And just as these continue to grow the long list of benefits every year that people rely on this type of alternative medicine.

How to start using this type of therapy in my body?

First we will go in steps. The main task you have to do right away is that you have to get a Chinese weevil farm.

The best way to get ridgers is to go to the market where they sell vegetables and / or fruits where you can get naturist traders where you can find this product totally alive.

Another way to get it is to have a friend that has these insects in your house, you can also get to reproduce in grains (rice, beans, beans, etc.)

Once you have it, you can skip to the next step.

How to perform coleotherapy?

To do this you have to weed for a period of 20 days where you will have to eat 1 each day, you will see the positive changes they make in your body as you go.

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