Colonial style modern house models

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The models of modern colonial style houses that we will see here correspond to houses built in reality that are located in different zones, especially of America. They represent the most classic colonial style but transferred to the times that run. That is why they are both in force and are becoming more popular.

Colonial style houses originate in Spain and settle in the first centuries of the Spanish conquest in America. Here they transform and achieve their ultimate style, or at least that’s what we considered.

Perhaps, at present, the colonial style should be redefined with new additions of details, structures and materials that exist.

Modern Colonial Houses

 Models of modern colonial houses

Modern colonial houses

houses Modern colonial style

It is in a series of images that we want to exemplify these modern colonial houses. They are, without a doubt, true craftsmanship.

They stand out, especially, for the use of colonial tiles on their roofs, the same can not be missed and always in terracotta color. In addition they usually erect one or several structures that stand out from the rest or are placed in bas relief.

 images of modern colonial houses

View Modern Colonial Houses

Modern colonial houses interior courtyard

The construction of columns in this type of housing is also very common, they are usually round and made of cementitious material. In some cases it is possible to see that they are replaced by wood, especially when there are galleries that form part of the central courtyards.

We hope that these models of modern colonial houses have been appreciated and can be used in our own design.

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