Colors for houses

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On this occasion we have a series of house colors , these are presented in a variety of interesting hues and we can not stop reviewing here. It is important that these types of tones are studied to perfection before proceeding to make any type of modification in our home.

colors for interiors

room colors

The house colors we choose will stay in it for a number of months or even years. That is where the importance of choosing well according to our tastes lies.

Colors to paint a house

For example, room colors should be in one with the kitchen colors we have set. This does not have to be similar but it does fit well with each other.

Colors for houses

Colors to paint a house

While here we are going to see only two examples of interiors, the palette is much wider and can be used to compare.

color palette to paint houses

In the case of the rooms we present, these have been established with a yellow and phosphorescent green color while the latter has a reddish or terracotta tone. We can pay attention and see that it combines very well the tone of the wall with that of the floor and even with the surrounding furniture.  palette of colors

We ended up seeing these colors for houses that we have decided to present to you, something that our visitors constantly require as they are renovating or thinking about the final visit of their new home.

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