Comfortable 2 storey house

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We will see this 2-storey comfortable home where we have everything we need to live for about four members, the equivalent of a typical family. In addition we will have miniatures of each of the sides, including the front and the front.

 Facade comfortable of 2 floors

Comfortable 2-story house layout

The plane presents a simple but quite spacious garage with which a large vehicle can be stored. In the lower floor we do not have dormitories and it has been destined for all the environments of common use.

On the top floor we have only 2 bedrooms although these are quite spacious and taking full advantage of all the square meters that were allocated. A large ensuite bedroom is another section of comfort and convenience that has been made there.

 Comfortable 2-story house  Flat 2-storey comfortable house

If you pay attention, on the top floor we also have a small living room, entertainment room or entertainment room. The same could be destined to bedroom in the future if necessary.

We say goodbye until an upcoming delivery where we will see a different model and that are far from this comfortable house of 2 floors. Something interesting that we can not forget to review and that will surely complement even more the knowledge about the architecture of houses that we intend to give here.

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