Contemporary doors

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On this occasion we want to present a series of images that correspond to contemporary doors, these are thought to have in themselves and also give the house a renewed look. From the first moment we can notice that these are main contemporary or exterior doors, in general they are the most required for this style.

However, for businesses, offices of any type or areas where you serve customers you may also be tempted to use those that are for interior .

Here we will see a sequence of the first to give us a better idea about the offer that there is in the market. We will not talk about prices because these tend to be generally higher than traditional openings.

Main contemporary doors

Contemporary doors

In general, there is a tendency to use dark colors, or directly black, to make them. They also have quite important details in glass either vertically, using squares or horizontal slats.

Steel seems to be a feature to highlight, especially it is implemented in handles or as small details.

Contemporary exterior doors


Generally they are accompanied by some kind of accessory in their vicinity, lamps, lanterns or even bells as we can see in the images. This last one will be for the consideration of each person on the final aspect that decides to give to the facade of the house.

Contemporary exterior doors

 Contemporary Main Doors

 How Much Do Contemporary Gates Cost

As we indicated, they are all for exterior and it is not a fundamental requirement to place it on the front, it can also be arranged as an opening to go out to the back garden.

They are often made of metal, with iron or steel being chosen for durability. Nowadays most of the time they can be painted with epoxy which enhances the view of them even more.

The placement of glass sides with frames in the same color as the door is also something very stylized in this type of doors.

We hope this tour has been informative and enlightening enough so that you can choose your own opening by going to a specialized store in your area.

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