Contemporary wooden house facade

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This is a backstage of a home made mostly of wood , also has a modern design and garden details with pool. Really a very interesting house and that leaves us very eager to have a similar.

This is what a family wanted and achieved by projecting it first in their mind, then paper and finally following the usual path through architects and masons or contractors.

Modern wooden house facade

We are amazed by what it has to offer this counterfade and the small touches of good taste that we can see with the naked eye.

Wooden counter facade

casa Of modern wood

While here we prefer to treat house facades , here we want to make a small parenthesis to show you this beauty of quiet part of the building. We hope you find it nice and beautiful as well for us.

Counterframe of house

In addition to what has been said so far, it is necessary to indicate that it has been built on 2 well-defined and fully functional plants. These 2 floors also combine the traditional cementitious lining with wood.


With regard to the top floor, we can say that it is only lined or clad in wood, the masonry is made of brick with cement mortar.

Home garden with pool

So we have come to know this modern wooden house facade that will give us many ideas for our future home.

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