Corner house facades

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A series of images will allow us to see corner houses fronts without losing our main objective. These are homes that have been located at the beginning or end of a street (as you want to see).

In one case it is done leaving a small front space. This can count as a garden and is decorated with vertical bars.


The other one is much more traditional, although it invites us to cross 2 floors plus a terrace with shed. Here we can also highlight the entry directly through the entry.


Finally we have chosen a design with entrance on both streets, something very frequent in this type of homes. On one side a vehicle entrance and another main pedestrian. Meanwhile, on the other street is a double entry of double garage. Here we also see that it is a 3 story house.

 Houses-in-the-corner We hope you find them useful and that you can use them in different ways.

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