Corner house

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For this corner house we must take into account a particular shape that only fits this type of terrain. We refer to spaces that are at the beginning or end of a street.

House  Facade of house for corner  Casa en esquina - fachada

To see it in detail we have the facade, the front and the front that corresponds to the cross street. In other words, we can say that a corner house has a double fa├žade.

Corner house plans

The plans show us a 2-storey house with a basement or basement. In the latter there are different comforts ranging from an additional bathroom with all the services to a sauna.

Plano plano  House plan for corner  top view of corner house

The ground floor has a double garage with an income that can occur both in parallel and from one side. All home

For the upper floor we will see the layout of 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. The latter have all the services although one has more luxury than the other.

When doing this review for a house for corner is essential to add that has a total of 225 square meters. These can result in a housing solution for more than one person.

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