Country homes made with brick

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Brick country houses seem to be the most common when looking for rusticity in a home. However, this does not usually abound as it seeks to have greater protection from the weather by placing a plaster of traditional lime and cement.

Here we are going to see a series of examples that agree with the features named above. They are homes where the brick has been left in sight and the layout of the facade and exterior elements are to the order of a country house .

 Cottages made with brick
brick house

red brick

 Cottages made with exposed brick

 Brick Country Homes

 Cottages made with bricks

house for countryside with traditional brick

It is necessary to add that the brick to be treated with a waterproofing on the outside, this will be achieved to prevent the ingress of unwanted moisture. For the inner face it is often left unpainted to allow minimal breathing of the masonry, this can be avoided if the foundations are well made.

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