Country houses with charm

That can be more beautiful than spending a picnic together with family or friends. Reminding those unique moments is that we want to share these charming cottages .

You will find below a nice collection of pictures of simple country houses and with different styles, among which you may find the one that best suits your particular tastes.

Façades of country houses

The vast majority of photos of beautiful country houses that we share below have roofed galleries ideal for enjoying the outdoors and the sun during the picnics. These covered galleries allow us to protect ourselves on hotter days and also when the cold becomes more intense, since we can cover the arches of the galleries with fabric curtains or even transparent plastic to continue appreciating the beautiful landscape that will surround these Properties.

 Charming Country Houses

 Cottages with stone

Houses Of modern field

Country Houses with Galleries

 Wooden Cottages

Country houses with colonial tiles
As you may have noticed different country house models , some of them use wood, other natural stones, and even traditional fine sand plasters.

A common feature in country houses are gable roofs built of zinc sheets or terracotta tiles.

We hope you have enjoyed yourself as much as we did in these beautiful and charming country houses.