Cure for diabetes – Cure diabetes by eating weevils

With each passing day, more and more people use weevils as a cure for diabetes, but does this method really work?

When our body loses its natural ability to generate insulin, our muscles and tissues do not receive the glucose needed to function properly, causing that glucose to circulate in our blood causing all kinds of disasters in our health. This disease is known as diabetes and there are now a lot of traditional treatments for it.

However, many people prefer to opt for more economical and alternative means such as weevils.

Weevils as a cure for diabetes

Nowadays, weevils are used as an alternative medicine for many diseases, including but not limited to diabetes. In fact, many people use these insects even to lose weight.

The treatment is simple and only requires that you own your colony of weevils. It does not have to be very large; A simple plastic container will suffice.

After having a decent amount of weevils, you should consume about 5 dozens a day depending on the disease you want to treat and how advanced it is.

If you hate insects as much as I do, you’ll be sad to know that this is not the worst of all, since weevils should be consumed while fully alive.

The good thing is that you can mix them with honey or other simple foods so that their taste is not so unpleasant and to prevent them from moving inside your mouth (which in my opinion is much more unpleasant).

Whether this method works or not will depend on the person using it. Many say it is infallible, others say it does not work at all; But you will not know the answer until you try for yourself.

Just remember that this is an alternative treatment  And therefore you must be very careful when using it.

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