Curved house facade

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Looking at this curved house facade I immediately wonder what are the complexities and complications that the builders will have encountered. Although this is a model made by computer belongs in reality to a house already finished and in use.

Beyond any kind of personal contemplation, the facade is in sight. We have also the counterfacade and a series of side images that will end up giving us the whole idea of ​​what was intended.

Curved facade of house

These types of concepts are rarely brought to reality as in this case and that is why we should take advantage of the current example case.

The perimeter garden is only a complement but we must say that it becomes very pleasing to the eye and further enhances the value of housing in general.

Home curve curve  Side facade of curved house  ver casa curva

We leave you so that you can interpret all the materials and shapes that have been decided to implement in this curved house from which we can only provide external clues like the facade.

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