Designs of houses to build land 10 × 15

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If you are looking for house designs to build on a 10 × 15 lot you have reached the right place. Here we have a wide catalog that we have been reporting until today. That is what this new installment is about, we will see a house that can easily be built on a plot of <150 m2 where the dimensions are 10 m wide by 15 m long.

We will start by saying that not only do we have the facade, we will also see the plans (they are 2, one for each floor). To all this we will add some accessory images that will allow us to have a better idea.

 Designs of houses to build terrain 10 × 15
Oscar Hernández by ADI Architecture

 Facade of houses terrain 10 × 15

 Designs of houses to build
 house plan for 150 square meters
house plan 10 x 15  decorative fountain house

We will see two images of the facade adding others that will give us a better idea of ​​the decoration that has been decided to maintain in the whole house. Additionally we have the plans we named above.

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