Designs of houses with sloping ceilings

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Those who know our website will have been able to enjoy different facades with ceilings of different styles. Looking to expand the offer of facades of houses that we offer here, is that today we are dedicated to designs of houses with sloping roofs .

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing on sloping roofs present important qualities that we will mention below.

The structure of sloping roofs allows rapid drainage of both rainwater and snow, so they are particularly used in climates where it often rains or snows during certain times of the year. The steep slope allows the roof to discharge quickly, preventing leaks and possible moisture problems.

It should be noted that sloped roofs also provide a very special style to the fa├žade of any home, so they are also an option chosen in modern buildings, not only one floor but also two floors.

In the examples below we will find sloping roof models on one side, both sides and even in multiple directions.


casas -with-sloping ceilings Modern

 modern-house-facades-with-sloping ceilings


ceilings - Concrete inclined

We hope you have enjoyed this catalog of facades of houses with sloping roofs.

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