Designs of open parking spaces for houses

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It is increasingly common to find modern house facades with open carports , so we are dedicating this note to sharing different designs of open parking spaces for houses .

The main characteristic of these types of garages is that they do not have an airtight enclosure, so they are considered open garages because they only have roof, and side and rear walls, although this does not imply that a gate is placed to protect the vehicles Family.

 Designs of open carports for modern houses
We find open carriage models for modern houses on one and two floors independently, as this structure can be used in constructions of more than one level without any inconvenience.

 Designs of open parking spaces for single storey houses

 Designs of open parking spaces for two-story houses

Designs of open garage for homes
While enjoying the comfort of an open carport we can think of reinforcing the security of the home by placing an automatic gate facing the entrance, as we see in the example that we share below.

 Designs of open garages with automatic gate
In this way, we have finished some of the models of garage open for modern houses, soon we will be getting more designs to take into account when building the garage of the home.

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