Double-storey house facade with large wooden balcony

Perhaps one of the most important parts of this house is the large wooden balcony that is in view. Precisely, it is so large that covers much of the width occupies 1.5 m high.

This is why we have decided that this double-storey facade with large wooden balcony , fully realized in this material.

 Facade of two-storey house with large wooden balcony

It has also been decided to implement wood in the openings of the ground floor and in the fence on the left side. Not so for the top floor windows which are made of aluminum.

The roofs of this house are an intelligent combination of slopes, one of which is flat and the other two.

Although it is a model made by computer corresponds to a house with its original plans.

Perhaps not fully conjugate the small stone basement that has been made in the front. This part could be modified by a traditional stonemason and maintain the illumination that is seen in the same one.

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