Duplex Facade

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We have a duplex facade that leaves nothing to chance. Although they are small in size, this is one of the most practical models we have seen so far.

A house practice as this serves to have well distributed environments and a lower cost of construction.

Duplex facade

We have a lower floor with the dining room, the kitchen and a spacious living room. To this we add a laundry room and a bathroom with basic services. For the upper floor there is an additional bathroom and a total of three bedrooms.

All this is developed in a really narrow terrain, only 5 m wide by each of the duplexes.

Facade of small duplex

When contemplating the plans we will be able to notice that they are small duplexes with which their cost of construction can be even smaller.

Facade Of small duplexes There is also another point in favor, it is a condominium and this makes them share the same roof. The savings when building two houses with a single roof should not be underestimated. Consequently we will have a total of three rows of columns to support what for practical purposes are two ceilings.

View Facade of duplex

We hope this small duplex facade has been what you are looking for for your next project, development or real estate investment.

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