Duplex house with front garden

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In the next image we see the facade of a duplex house . It is also possible to see a front garden that gives an idea of ​​ habitability , comfort and good taste only offered by new trends in landscaping.

Finally, we add that the façade has other accessory decorations such as its flowered balconies , protrusions for upper openings and ceilings with slopes in different types of directions.

Duplex house with front garden

Duplex house plan

In the plans we can already fully realize that these are two houses built symmetrically and share the same roof.

On the lower floor we have an entrance hall, laundry room, kitchen, dining room and living room. This area ends with a garage for a vehicle of considerable size.
Plan of duplex house

 Duplex house plan with front garden

Once we climb to the top floor we will see the appearance of the 3 bedrooms that make up the whole house. There also gives place to a small distributor that will take us to all these environments including the bathroom of the upper floor.

We ended up knowing this duplex with garden of which we have presented the facade and the plans with corresponding measures.

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