Duplex with garage

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The following are a series of duplexes with garage that also have a touch of modernity. The same has been used different materials that we will know later, first we will focus on the distribution of this house.

Duplex with garage

These duplexes can be a fantastic investment for those who are passing in a place where to safeguard their money.

For the ground floor we can find the following: living room, large kitchen, a small bathroom and the garage in the back.

Its distribution is very different from other types of houses. We have a front with a main room, a living room, a large bathroom and a balcony. Always on the upper floor heading to the back of the house where we can find an additional bathroom and the two remaining bedrooms.

This gives us a total of 3 bedrooms throughout the home.
Duplex with carport

Therefore, this house is formed by two floors, a kitchen, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a garage and a large living room. All of this is part of the duplex that we also wanted to present at this time with your plans.


Being the facade itself we have a front facing with wood that tries to waterproof the whole house. Of course, this type of wood on the facade should be applied with a special treatment.

 flat duplex with garage

The roofs of both buildings are shared and their shape is totally symmetrical, both for roofs, masonry and also for internal distribution.

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