Economic house facade

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What we have before us is a economic house facade with all the features such a home deserve. Without a doubt, its austere details and the simplicity of the forms will allow to save big amounts of money at the time of a possible construction.

Facade of economic house

It’s very simple to note how you’ve decided to invest in design to save on construction . An example of this is the possibility of removing or placing openings. In another case we have a chimney that can well be removed from the model.

Continued let’s also see what the inside is, the planes themselves.

Models of economic houses to build

Economical house facade to build

Meanwhile affordable home build models we have seen so far this should be one of the best. With a total of 3 bedrooms it allows us to house a family of up to five members.

In one environment we include the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. However, these are correctly separated from each other. For example, the living room and dining room have as a separation a large sofa or room that covers almost the entire length. Meanwhile, from the dining room the kitchen has a large allowance that can be used as breakfast bar or dining room daily.

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