Exterior facade panels

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In the following lines we are going to talk about facades, as we are used to, however here we will try to determine different types of coatings that can be useful when making a new home. Construction is not a simple task, neither for its owners nor for the workers who will provide the labor, knowing different alternatives can help us to facilitate the work.

Amongst the most habitual that is being styled these days we will be able to see both a graffiti coating and the use of facade moldings . In all cases here we will see the different alternatives, many of them have already been addressed and we will address them to the article in question.

Exterior facade panels

Exterior facade materials

Among the most frequent materials we can find the steel corten that we have talked about on several occasions And that can be an ideal solution for placing exterior panels for facades .

Another very special type of material can be found in those facades with volcanic stone < / A>, very fashionable these days varying by region the type used. For example, in the south of Argentina the Patagonian porphyry is styled.

Exterior facade finishes

Exterior facade finishes
 frames for exterior facades

In terms of exterior finishes we can not forget to name the grafiado , Is the one that is used today and sold in 10 and 20 liters presentations. It is a paste that is placed in the exterior achieving a coating practically plastic thanks to the high index of polymers that it possesses. It is usually the ideal solution to have a modern finish, with the color already included (usually gray or brown and its variants) and waterproof the home.

We hope that your experience regarding exterior facade panels, and the information we have provided here, may be useful when applying for new buildings or renovations.

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