Exterior facades

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A series of exterior facades makes it clear what we can achieve if we intend to build it correctly.

You need to make a good facade without doubt a great skill and beat the budget, do not condition its construction based on external factors and keep the architectural tools always at hand. That is why we mean that façades are not an easy task.

Exterior facades

Our site aims to pave the way to a dream facade .

Exterior facades

In spite of what has been said so far, it is necessary to extend the concept by naming the types of materials most used in building façades .

Metals such as aluminum, sheet and steel tend to dominate openings and roofs. Mud brick, ceramic and concrete masonry are always the order of the day. Finally, calcareous, ceramic, graphite, stone and majolica linings.

A good option, depending on the area where we are, wood can play a fundamental role in the construction of a house in general and the facade in particular.

These exterior facade tips can help you have your own if you have the money, expertise and patience needed.

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