Facade models

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When you walk through these facade models we find that they have what a person can want for their home. It is then that we will determine which of these fronts are best for each use being, in principle, all the same in appearance.

In each case we have to say that seeing facades of houses is not a quick task. Many times it requires the owner, especially if he is undecided.

Facades models

Then we go to the first model of these facades, a really modern front that gives us the impression of work and dedication in design.

 Facade models

As we move forward we see different types of materials used intelligently in every detail of the coating.

Modern facade model

The front gardens are always well received by new owners. However, these require a greater maintenance of the facade since they are part of it.

The bricks seen are And have always been fashionable, allow a nice finish and gives the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčrobustness that many are looking for. Even so, they are a little dirtier than other endings.

 Facade models

Corten steel plays a key role in this facade of the house. Always to the order of those who require it, they allow to cover masonry badly finished and eroded by the action of the climate.

 Models of steel facades corten

We ended up with this gallery of images of facade models that could help us improve the quality of ours.

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