Facade of 2 floors and roof to 2 waters

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This house facade of 2 floors and roof to 2 waters is very particular as you can see in the image.

In addition they have roof , the same one that we named previously indicating that it is two waters, realized entirely in sheet. This requires an insulation layer that is usually achieved with glass wool (in some cases also used telgopor) and an interior finish the ceiling (wood in this case although you can also apply gypsum boards).

 Facade of 2 floors and roof with 2 waters

Because of their shape they can not be located adjoining another house, this would ruin the side window, high and narrow. For the front we have four large windows which only those of the ground floor are sliding.

The height of this house is around 7 meters at its highest point. A really spacious and high dwelling that gives rise to a great amount of environments that can be located in its 2 floors .

We ended up seeing this 2-storey house facade with a large gabled roof.

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