Facade of American house with various coverings

We have a house here that has a facade with different coatings. In fact these are part of the masonry and are seen abroad.

We are talking about a very nice home, something notorious at first sight. It begins with a traditional concrete foundation that can not be seen. Then it continues with a base of approximately 60 cm high in brick clad in stone. All this is finished with a wall of racks and wood.

The roof is gabled and decided to establish a system of asphalt shingles. This will allow a correct waterproofing.


We can never have a traditional slab roof. This is because the masonry is not in a position to sustain a structure of such weight.

In all senses it is a pleasant home. Modern and classic at the same time. Nevertheless, the distribution that we find in its front could be configured in another way in the search of a better use of the space.

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