Facade of bioclimatic house

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Generally we do not dedicate ourselves to this type of special and environmentally friendly dwellings, but without a doubt the facades of bioclimatic houses deserve special attention, since this type of constructions will help Reduce the energy cost of housing, and if you are thinking about building your home this could be a good alternative to take into account.

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casa -bioclimatica-fotos-fachada The main characteristic of the bioclimatic architecture is energy efficiency, so not only the fundamental structure but also the materials used in the final finishing and coating of the building, will respond to this basic premise, Which seeks to minimize the energy consumption of the home for heating and ventilation.

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In order to fulfill this purpose, insulating materials of the highest quality are used to prevent heat leakage from the interior of the house in winter, and also to keep it cool during the warm season of the year. For example in the winter garden double crystals are used, creating an air chamber between them, preventing the interior from overheating too much, or otherwise cooling during the winter.

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In the same way the cement structure will be coated in wood to reduce the impact of the climate inside the house, the same principle will apply to the floor and ceiling.

Now that you know some of the advantages of bioclimatic houses , what do you think about it? Would you like to own a bioclimatic home?

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