Facade of chalet clad in stone

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This is a villa facade clad in stone although we will also find other materials used in it. Above all, wood and asphalt tiles play an important role.

Facade of chalet clad in stone

In the case of wood cladding we will find it on its walls, in areas where there is no stone. The tiles are used throughout the fact as a form of waterproofing .

 Floor plan clad in stone
The plan corresponds to the facade presented

This chalet is very pleasant to look at is based on a design built in reality. We can not fail to notice the porthole located on the top of one of their faces. For the sides there are also different types of openings but has used more traditional doors and windows.

Facade of coated chalet

Hoping that this stone-clad villa could have been enjoyed by you, we said goodbye to a new delivery where we will see more similar designs with attention-grabbing walls, ceilings, openings and columns.

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