Facade of classic house on 2 floors

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On this occasion I bring you a facade of classic house on 2 floors . The facade itself is seen flat in one of the images that I will present below. However, it is perhaps the counterfacade that most shines when we observe in detail.

However, and I do not want to extend too much, I will begin by detailing the back, the quiet part of the building or whatever we want to call it. The same starts with a modern design but we will see that it is also quite subject to classic designs that we have been seeing for some 10 or 15 years.

The roof is made of tiles and has a good distribution, notably decorating its four-way slopes. The same to drain the water by each of its sides going directly this gutters that will direct it to drains that extends to the floor of vertical form.

 Classic house facade on 2 floors

While it is small, the balcony fulfills its function of providing an outdoor space on the upper floor. It is finished with a correct safety railing. We can also see the use of different types of plaster as well as a very interesting wood coating (only used on the upper floor).

The windows of the lower floor are made of aluminum and I’m interested to note that not all panels are mobile, only some of them open. Here we will have a clear factor of lighting and ventilation to adjust the climate and the light of our house to the different times of the year.

Classic house with cuts

There is also a cut of one of the sides of this classic house. It allows us to give a better idea of ​​what we will find on its sides.

 House with cuts

Classic house with cuts

In the first place, what emerges and I must clarify as a priority, is that it is not a house that can be built anywhere. You will need a piece of ground that will give you that lateral space for the placement of this type of openings and protrusions (note the shed in the lateral cut).

We will also see how we respect the type of balcony that we have seen previously extending to a terrace that can only be visible in its entirety and its magnitude from this location.

We hope this home is what they are really looking for in their homes. Do not hesitate to consult us if you want modifications to the current facade that we can provide in some way. It has been a pleasure for me to present to you the current model which we have considered with sufficient quality for publication.

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