Facade of house illuminated with roof to 4 waters

While we want to emphasize the roof to 4 waters that owns this house, there are other characteristics that can stand out from it. So far you will be able to find a great quantity and variety of ceilings in all our web, nevertheless a house facade illuminated as it is this is not so common.

That’s why we’ve decided to present this image so that you can put a better idea on how to better illuminate your facade.

 Illuminated house facade with 4-water roof

In this case it has been decided and resorted to dichroic lights that extend along the entire facade. Only the access of one of the garages has been left out of this range.

As an additional detail, and before continuing to talk about the lights, we must say that this house has two independent garages with their own income each.

With regard to lighting we must say that this is always the same but repeated in different areas. Above these entrance doors, one of these lights has been placed. If we have low illumination lamps you can choose to double the number.

On the upper floor, more precisely on the balcony we have a row of five lights in line. They provide even and sufficient illumination so that it is clearly visible from several meters away.

We await your comments on this house facade illuminated with a 4-water roof that we have brought to you in the current article.

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