Facade of house in blocks

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Let’s see a house facade in blocks that is not familiar to many people at all. It has an antique bronze color on the ground floor and green on the upper.

It is fundamental to understand what houses are in blocks before pretending to even imagine having their own. That is why here we have decided to present a facade of house in blocks with a purely educational purpose.

This is an image that will give us a very enlightening picture. While it is worth clarifying that there are different types of houses in blocks, this is one of the most common.


The windows we see are not all openings, some of them just like fixed panels. At the bottom, for example, there are windows to enter or exit the house.

The shed on one side acts as a place to hide a vehicle. Even so, that is not what we were dealing with on this occasion, but it is the house in blocks what interests us and its concept in general.

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