Facade of house in condominium of 2 floors

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This is a house facade in a condominium of no less than 2 floors. The number of floors can be irrelevant if we take into account other outstanding features of this house.

Being a condominium both houses share a single roof. This can be seen at the top of the displayed image.

 Facade of house in 2-storey condominium

On both sides we have a symmetrical house with a large garage, windows in the living area, an entrance door and large windows at the top.

While all this applies to both homes, there are numerous details that make it differ from one another. These details are mostly found in the construction line and in the type of windows used.

Personally I consider this facade of house in condominium of 2 floors an option to take into account if we require two houses for the same land.

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