Facade of house in condominium

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This is a house facade in a condominium very special. Not only does it have two houses sharing a roof , but these are quite complete including a garage for each.

Among the different types of condominiums that exist today, those that are really comfortable are those that are in charge of establishing comfort elements like these. It is easy to create a house in condominium, however the difficult thing is to locate everything necessary so that each one is a complete house.

 which is a residential condominium

What is a residential condominium

The example we see in the picture answers the question by itself. In it we see that the house can have a single roof even though they are two different housing modules.

 Facade of house in condominium

Another strong point we can see is on the porches. These are placed directly under the top floor ceiling and it is not just a traditional cantilevered ceiling.

Finally, the balconies give a special touch that finishes to finish the facade of this condominium completely.

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