Facade of house in neighborhood

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With this closed house facade , or not, we want to further enrich the ideas proposed for a future home. Of course we will always be in time to make changes that will be reforms to beautify an existing house.

This promptly has an open carport, a balcony with shed and stone details very punctual. It is an unexpected combination, but we see it gives a good result.

However, beyond any comment or speculation on our part, it will be up to you to determine the qualities of the fa├žade.


It is also a house of 2 floors, where the windows are not missing. These can be openings or fixed panels according to the need of each case.

As a security measure was placed on the balcony a railing that exceeds 80cm in height. This will avoid any inconvenience caused by carelessness.

Expecting you to enjoy it is that we greet you until a future new delivery of similar qualities.

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